Thinking of waiting before you invest?

Thinking of waiting before you invest?

Are you thinking of waiting a while before you invest? Is that out of FEAR?

More money is lost by home owners by simply  putting off or procrastinating than by any other reason! Smart investors who have goals in place and understand that property investing is a long term strategy, will make money in property over the long term.

Do you currently have an overall game plan to manage an income drop when you retire?  Having a debt free rental property giving you a passive income in retirement can make a big difference to your finances.  At Bricks & Mortgages we can equip you with knowledge and understanding as to how you can utilise your equity to buy further property assets.

3 Steps for Overcoming Fear in Real Estate Investing

When it comes to property  investing, a little fear can be a good thing. Fear keeps you from making a bad decision or acting too quickly before you have all the facts, but too much fear can cause you to freeze up and not act at all, and that will get you nowhere. If you are consumed with fear about buying your first investment property, here are three ways to help overcome it. It it all starts with a little knowledge.

Step 1
Identify what are you really afraid of, until you uncover your real fear it will be hard to move past it. Talking your fear through may bring some balance to this. Do not allow fear to stand in the way of your financial goals.

Step 2
If you are afraid that you don’t know enough about Property Investing to do it successfully, get educated and seek professional help.

This lack of confidence can keep you on the side lines. In today’s technology age you have easy access to a large number of good resources or  you may look to join a local property investing club. Whatever you choose make sure you fill up your knowledge tank. Warning – draw your knowledge from reputable sources!  Do not get professional advice from neighbours and friends unless they are a successful, educated and experienced property investor. Taking and acting on the wrong advice can have devastating consequences.

Step 3
Concerned about having more debt? This is where you need to understand the difference of “Good debt vs Bad debt”, how to use the power of leverage and OPM (other peoples money) and make it work in your favour.

When all else fails, take action. But make this action calculated and informed. Fear will keep you checking in to make sure you’re taking precautions. Let fear do it’s job to keep you safe but do not let it anchor you.

Property investing can be scary and this is also true for when you were a first time buyer, as long as you do your home work up front  you will not be taking a leap of faith but making a wise and well informed decision.

Let’s approach this in a way that will make you comfortable, but let’s stop fear and lack of knowledge from holding you back and lets show you how to get your equity working for you now.

In my many years as a Mortgage Broker I have assisted both first time Property Investors as well as existing Property Investors who already have a large investment portfolio. I have been able to successfully help formulate goals and a strategies specific to their individual situation.

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