Disclosure Statement

The information provided in this disclosure document is important

Name of Financial Advisor: Beryl Colley

Licence Number: FSP132544

Name of Financial Advice Provider (FAP): 360 Consulting Group (2019) Ltd

FAP Licence Number: FSP717631 holds a Class 2 Licence issued by the Financial Markets Authority

Address: Level 2/20 Waterloo Road Lower Hutt

Telephone number: 04 9719990

Email Address: loans@bricksandmortgages.co.nz


It is important that you read this information

It will help you (the Client) make an informed decision whether we (Bricks & Mortgages and Beryl Colley) and our financial advice and products are suitable for your needs and whether to seek, follow or accept the Financial Advice. This Disclosure Statement is required under the Financial Markets Conduct (Regulated Financial Advice Disclosure) Amendment Regulations 2020.


What sort of Advisers are we?

360 Consulting Group  (2019) Ltd is a  Financial Advise Provider licensed with the Financial Market Authority of New Zealand (FMA). Financial Services Legislation Amendment Act 2019 requires us to hold a current license for our Advisor Beryl Colley to provide Financial Advice Services to our Clients.


What Financial Advice can we provide to you?

Beryl From Bricks & Mortgages is able to provide financial advice on mortgage lending, personal risk insurance and Kiwi Saver and Superannuation.

  • Residential Home Loans
  • Property investing loans
  • Bridging Finance
    Building and Construction
  • Lending
    Personal and Vehicle Loans
  • Reverse Annuity / Equity Release
  • Life Cover and Accidental Death Cover
  • Disability Income Protection Cover
  • Trauma Cover
  • Total and Permanent Disability Cover
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Insurance Cover
  • Medical and Health Insurance Cover


We have access to the following Finance Providers:

  • ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited
  • ASAP Finance Ltd
  • ASB Bank Limited
  • Avanti Finance
  • Bluestone Servicing NZ Limited – Select
  • Bank of New Zealand
  • Credit Union Baywide trading as NZCU Baywide
  • Cressida Capital
  • First Mortgage Trust
  • General Finance Limited
  • Gold Band Finance Limited
  • Heartland Seniors Finance – owned by Heartland Bank
  • Liberty Financial
  • NZ Mortgage Income Trust
  • Pepper Money
  • Prospa Advance Pty Limited
  • Resimac NZ Home Loans Ltd
  • Sovereign Home Loans –Southern Cross Financial
  • The Co-operative Bank
  • Westpac New Zealand Limited


How We Get Paid:

I may receive commissions at settlement from the relevant lender if you choose to take out a mortgage following my advice. The commissions are between .60%  and .85% of the initial mortgage balance or amount funded. I may/will also receive .20% of the mortgage balance on each anniversary from some lenders.

Form other lenders I may receive a small refix fee of $150 for providing refix advise


We are limited to working with the following Personal Insurance Providers:

  • AIA New Zealand Limited
  • Asteron Life Limited
  • Cigna Life Insurance NZ Limited
  • Fidelity Life Assurance Company Limited
  • Nib NZ limited 
  • Partners Life 

How We Get Paid:

I receive commissions from the relevant insurance providers if you choose to take up my advice and a policy is put in force. The commissions are between 130% and 250% of the first year’s policy premiums. I will also receive .10% to 25% of the policy premiums for each year the policy is in force.


We are limited to working with the following Fire & General Insurance Providers 

      • AON Stylecover – underwritten by Vero New Zealand
      • Blanket Insurance – Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd. Administration and claims handling by Ando Insurance Group Limited
      • Tower Insurance (on a referral basis)
      • Rothbury Insurance (on a referral basis)

How We Get Paid:

Bricks & Mortgages receives commission when you accept a Fire & General policy by either a 10% referral fee or a 10% upfront fee.


We are limited to working with the following KiwiSaver Providers:

      • NZ Funds – Limited advice

How We Get Paid:

Bricks & Mortgages receives commissions when you accept our financial advice and purchase an insurance policy, proceed with a loan or signs up for a  KiwiSaver .

A commission is paid to us from a Lender and in addition to this we may be paid a small ongoing commission to look after your business on behalf of the bank company. Sometimes the lender will pay a one off fee to assist in refixing your loan.  The upfront commission will range from .65% to .85% of the loan depending on the lender. Some lenders may pay an on going trail commission instead of an annual refix fee. This is fully disclosed a the time of your application approval

If using a Non bank lender there may be a fee that is charged. This is fully disclosed at the time of the application

A commission is paid by the insurer on each insurance policy. Most of this is paid up front with a small ongoing portion paid on a regular basis to look after your business on behalf of the insurer.

For NZ Funds Kiwi Saver: Up to $300 for onboarding anew client and up to .02% servicing commissions


What fees do we charge?

Generally Bricks & Mortgages and Beryl Colley do not charge any fees and rely completely on the commissions paid by the providers. In some instances where the loan will is more complex and will take more time to complete then we may discuss an additional fee before starting and this would be disclosed in the scope of service.

The lender may pay us a commission if you decide to take up our advice and when your loan settles. However, I may charge you for the financial advice that I provide if you cancel or refinance your mortgage within the first 28 months after it settles.

Bricks & Mortgages may also charge a fee of up to $500 to cover the costs of arranging a finance pre approval should the applicant not proceed with a pre-approval within 6 months, withhold information affecting the application, not proceed due to engaging the services of another broker or lender directly prior to, during or after the process of pre-approved finance.


Beryl Colley and anyone who gives financial advice on our behalf, have legal duties relating to the way that we give advice.
We must:give priority to our clients’ interests by taking all reasonable steps to make sure our advice isn’t materially influenced by our own interests;

      • exercise care, diligence, and skill in providing the advice;
      • meet standards of competence, knowledge and skill set by the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services (these are designed to make sure that we have the expertise needed to provide you with advice); and
      • meet standards of ethical behaviour, conduct and client care set by the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services (these are designed to make sure that we treat you as we should and give you suitable advice).

    How do we act with Integrity?

    To ensure that we and our advisers prioritise your interests above our own, we follow an advice process that ensures recommendations are made based on your individual goals and circumstances. Beryl Colley completes annual and ongoing training about how to manage conflict of interests and a register of interests is maintained. We monitor these registers and access additional training where necessary. We perform an annual review of our compliance programme.

    You should be aware there may be potential conflicts of interest that you the Client may need to take into consideration when you decide to seek and accept financial advice from Beryl Colley we will make you aware of any conflicts when giving advice.

    How can you depend on the Advice you receive?

    We have not been subject to any adverse events that would influence you the Client in deciding whether to seek or obtain advice from us or our Adviser’s.