Financial Life Line

Sometimes, you get in over your head. Maybe you’re consistently a month late on your mortgage, you’ve lost your job or you were hurt in an accident and having mounting medical bills.

Or, perhaps it’s less complex than that. Maybe you’re a property investor and your relationship with your partner soured or you’re in the middle of a divorce.

We’ve helped people in almost every situation imaginable come out on top, through consolidation, restructuring and rebuilding.

Here are some situations we’ve helped in:

A client facing a mortgage sale and the risk of losing his family home and equity due to IRD debt. We found an affordable finance solution to prevent this happening. Having access to a wide range of lenders gives us choices.
Bridge financing needed to cover a gap in settlement for a home owner. With a good working relation with the bank we not only did this but got access to deposit funds in time as well.
Kept a mother and children in the family home after a marriage separation.
Sought finance for a rural retreat with limited financial information and with a main bank. Having working relationships with great business bankers is the key.
Assisted with untangling property portfolio for a relationship breakup. Worked with lawyer, accountant and the lender to get a harmonious result for all. Team work with professional’s is important.
Helped get finance approved for clients with an impaired credit report through a non-bank lender

Happy Clients