How to get lenders to fall in love with you

Lenders are in love with borrowers who show good financial habits, particularly now in a shakier-than-usual economy. 

Good habits are gold. And it’s never too late to start, even if business is down, your hours have been cut back, or you’re receiving government assistance. I can help you get into a position where lenders still consider you a possibility. 

So how do you get lenders to love you in this strange economic climate?

Broadly speaking, home loans are most likely to be leant to borrowers who…

  • Are able to make regular repayments
  • Have assets to borrow against, like properties, vehicles, and even super
  • Have few debts including credit cards, university fees, and other loans
  • Have a deposit ready to go… the bigger the better 
  • Have chosen property in a good location (not a risky region)
  • Don’t have massive monthly expenses chewing up their income
  • Have a good credit score (don’t know your score? I can get it for you
  • Have proven they know how to budget 
  • Are working and likely to work for years to come, with a stable and predictable income
  • Are residents of New Zealand

*This doesn’t mean to say you can’t get a loan easily through me as your broker, it just means we need to jump through a few additional hoops together!

If your circumstances have changed during COVID, what can you do?

  • Chat to me about a simple and successful 3-month-long budget
  • Consolidate debts… create one central payment for all your loans
  • Access grants available to buyers in this market
  • Speak to my wealth adviser colleagues about restructuring your finances

What will you need to show lenders if you want a loan this month?

  • Details of other loans, credit cards and debts
  • A completed application form (I do this with you)
  • Form of ID; passport, license, letters – you know the drill
  • Bank statements (ARGH!).Half a year’s worth! So let’s make them sparkle!
  • Payslips from work if you’re a staff member
  • Tax returns from the last two years if you’re small business owners.

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