3 Hacks For Fighting Procrastination

3 Hacks For Fighting Procrastination

When it comes to reviewing finances the most common excuse we hear is “We don’t have time”. Putting your finances on the back burner can be a very costly mistake! It can cost thousands in interest and set your financial goals back by years. You don’t have to be earning a huge income to be able to make a difference in your financial position.

To help assist you with fighting procrastination here are 3 hack’s that can be used in any procrastination situation.

Procrastination Hack #1: Accept That You’ll Likely Never Feel Ready

Don’t put off for tomorrow what you could do today. We are faced with so many things in the media including social media that can grab our attention and be a distraction. Make sure every day you attend to some positive things that will benefit you. Often the task we put off or avoid giving attention to is the very task that can give us propulsion in life.  And guess what, it is very likely that once you start this task it is not as burdensome as your head was telling you.  We can spend days putting off a task that may only take us 30 minutes, once you have done it you will feel so much better about facing it head on.


Procrastination Hack #2: Break Down the Task into Bite Size Pieces

This works for any goal but particularly if it has been something you are putting off, break it down into meaningful steps and chip away at it.  Write this down so you can tick these tasks off and see your progress  Once you start crossing off your to do list you will get some traction and you will see a change in how you feel about this task.

Procrastination Hack #3: Give Yourself a Time Line

Having a time line can be a really helpful part of fighting procrastination, you need to ensure it is a realistic time frame. It can be helpful to be accountable to someone about reaching your the goals on your time line, Bricks & Mortgages are more than happy to check in on your progress if that will assist you in reaching your financial goal.

If it helps, set a reward or something to look forward to once this has been completed. It doesn’t need to be a big or expensive reward but something that you would like and will motivate you to achieve your goal.

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