Beryl was recommended to me through a previous boss as “the best mortgage broker” and she did not disappoint.

We had just purchased our first house very young, and really had no knowledge what so ever in regards to our finances and how best to structure things. We had simply followed what the bank had suggested.

After speaking with Beryl, she broke everything down into “real talk” so that we understood completely how things worked, and what would be best for our current situation. We felt very well informed and confident throughout the whole process.

Beryl has taken the time to explain everything in depth to us, often using diagrams and pictures to make sure we had a clear understanding of our finances. We love that we don’t have to deal with the bank directly, and often Beryl will liaise with the lawyers and accountants on behalf of us too.

The process is just far more efficient with Beryl involved!

We also had our entire insurance portfolio looked at by David, who spotted really serious issues that we never would have encountered until it was too late (for example, that our life insurance did not cover us if we were to die of cancer!).

Even after moving from Wellington to Queenstown, and purchasing our second property, Beryl has always just been a phone call away. She has to be the most efficient person on the planet – things are done at lighting speed, with little fuss. Nothing is too much of a hassle and I never hesitate to give her a call, even just for advice.

We trust her implicitly. I couldn’t recommend Beryl more highly – I honestly rave about her to everyone I speak with. She has made the entire home ownership process so much less daunting. Thanks Beryl, David and Bricks & Mortgages!

Phil and Averil

“Beryl has been our broker for the past three years, since our first investment property venture. In that time, largely thanks to Beryl we have reduced our time to retirement by over 10 years. Beryl gets great deals from lenders and takes almost all of the hassle out of home loan finance. We have had some unusual situations which Beryl has steered us through, always to a successful conclusion that brings us nearer to our goals. We are more than happy to recommend Beryl to other clients, whether they be financing their own home or investment properties.”
Chris and Sandra

I remember being quite nervous about my first phone call with Beryl, after all we had by this stage read a few property investments books and Beryl and her husband David had their very own chapter!!! I soon realised how easy it was to talk to Beryl and any nervous feelings I had soon vanished. Not only was she preparing us for re-financing and pre-approvals, she was also talking about different strategies we could quite possibly use in the near future. At the end of our first phone call, I was excited, rearing to go. Any apprehensions I had were now motivation.

WOW it was all really happening! I didn’t realise how quickly, within only a few days Beryl had our first LAQC registered and our company register on the courier.

When we bought our first house we dealt directly with the bank, we followed the advice of the banks lending specialist and were more or less told what interest rates to have, what accounts to have and we accepted that, we didn’t know any different. Dealing with Beryl is the complete opposite. She gives brilliant advice and works really hard to ensure we get the best deal available for our situation at the time. Beryl is very efficient, knowledgeable and always finds time to explain things we don’t understand.

We are now 6 months into our dream and loving every minute of it, Beryl has played a huge role in our development as property investors. We know we can call her any time about anything. We are extremely fortunate to have Beryl as our Mortgage Broker and are looking forward to further dealings and learning from her in the future.

Billie, Dannevirke