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We’ve helped 100’s of Kiwis become mortgage free faster and to start their journey
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We focus on providing our clients with a high level of understanding on being mortgage free faster so we are not just a transactional broker but advice and service based. 

We have a high level of knowledge around property investing which works well with both new investors and existing investors.

We are very advice based. Flexible with hours and provide a high level of support during the buying process. Feedback from clients is that our service level and advice is tops.


Beryl’s 100% Guarantee

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”center”]Our guarantee to our clients is that we are very available. That our expert advice will set you up to pay less interest to your bank and be mortgage free faster. We work along side you to help you achieve your goals. Buying a home at any stage of your life’s journey can be stressful and our aim is to minimise this stress for you so it becomes a journey you enjoy. We love helping Kiwi’s into their own home to progress their financial future’[/text_block]

“I couldn’t recommend Beryl more highly – I honestly rave about her to everyone I speak with.”

Beryl has taken the time to explain everything in depth to us, often using diagrams and pictures to make sure we had a clear understanding of our finances. We love that we don’t have to deal with the bank directly, and often Beryl will liaise with the lawyers and accountants on behalf of us too. The process is just far more efficient with Beryl and Bricks & Mortgages involved!

–Phil and Averil

“We have reduced our time to retirement by over 10 years.”

“Thanks to Bricks & Mortgages and Beryl we have reduced our time to retirement by over 10 years. Beryl gets great deals from lenders and takes almost all of the hassle out of home loan finance. We highly recommend Beryl to others, whether they be financing their own home or investment properties.”

–Chris and Sandra

Not only will we find you the right mortgage for your situation, we work with you to save interest and repay your loan faster.

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