Managing your food bill

Managing your food bill

Food can be one of the biggest areas of wastage in the typical house hold budget.

A Myth is also that Nutritious wholesome food is unaffordable

By putting some simple practices into your weekly plan you will see some massive shifts in your costs.

5 Simple practices 

1 ) Plan ahead:

Plan a weekly menu.  Be flexible to allow changes but if you start with a menu this lays a foundation for a balanced week of meals as well as good grocery planning and vegetable shopping. It also makes you take stock of what you have available to use and avoiding waste

Download a weekly meal planner

2) Buy in season fruit and vegetables:

This gives your body what you need in season but also takes advantage of the best price produce. Consider getting vegetables from your local neighbourhood Co-op or from the weekend vege market.

3) Go to the supermarket with a list based on replacing essentials and your meal planner needs:

Much is wasted on repeated trips to the supermarket for missed items as you will often come out with much more than the missed item. If you forget something try and go without it or use a substitute. Work out how long you can last without going back to the supermarket and set your trips on that basis, it might be a weekly or fortnightly.

4) Once a week or once a fortnight prepare a double meal:

Something that can either be used the next night or frozen. This will eliminate the need for takeaways simply because you have run out of time. Takeaways are much more enjoyable if they are a planned treat.

5) Make your own lunch:  

There are so many ideas to have a varied lunch at work or for school.  Keep a list of quick easy ides for the days you lack inspiration. Your workmates may even follow your lead!

Here’s a link with some great lunch suggestions and recipes from Bite NZ.


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