Thinking of waiting before you invest?

Are you thinking of waiting a while before you invest? Is that out of FEAR? More money is lost by home owners by simply  putting off or procrastinating than by any other reason! Smart investors who have goals in place and understand that property investing is a long term strategy, will make money in property over the…

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Loan fixed so you don’t want a review?

This is something we hear from clients all the time “We will wait until our fixed loan comes off and have a review then”. This response could set you back tens of thousands of $$$ if your current mortgage structure isn’t personalised to you.  In many cases when you are buying a home your main focus is finding and…

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First Home Buyer Jitters?

Many people who would like to own homes have fears that prevent them from buying. Buying a home is usually the largest purchase a person ever makes so you have to take it seriously. If you’re one of these people who are hesitant and have been sitting on the fence – there are simple steps you can take…

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Embarrassed About Your Finances?

At Bricks and Mortgages we are a judgement free zone and have a huge focus on education. “Our goal is to make a positive profound difference to your financial well being” Money management is not something that is taught well at any level in our education system, you don’t know what you don’t know! When we…

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3 Hacks For Fighting Procrastination

When it comes to reviewing finances the most common excuse we hear is “We don’t have time”. Putting your finances on the back burner can be a very costly mistake! It can cost thousands in interest and set your financial goals back by years. You don’t have to be earning a huge income to be able to make a difference…

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Tips For Buying A House

Interest rates remain near historic lows, but that may start to change before long. Meanwhile, as the cost of rental homes pushes into the stratosphere, it’s worth considering whether it’s time to get into home ownership instead of renting. If you’re thinking of buying a house or refinancing your existing mortgage, these golden rules can…

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Top 7 Credit Card Mistakes

Credit cards can be great financial tools, but carry dangers. Debt is an obvious risk, but there are others too. If you have credit cards, you want to make sure you are using them to your benefit and avoiding risks. 1. Annual Fees There are times when getting a credit card with an annual fee makes…

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Finance growth and green line

Growth vs Yield

Think of yield as what you get paid regularly, and Growth as how much our property increases in value. Both are important if you want to succeed in the New Zealand property market. You need yield to repay the bank for your mortgage but yield won’t be a significant contributor to your retirement savings. For…

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Secrets to Successful Refinancing

Unsatisfied with your rates or seeking better customer service? You’re not alone. There are always plenty of borrowers looking for a better deal. But while it might look like a good idea on quick glance, refinancing has its hazards and needs to be considered carefully before going forward. Refinancing may be a necessary tool for…

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Refinancing Credit Cards – Using Home Equity?

So people think of mortgages as good debt and credit cards as bad debt, but is it really that simple? It usually isn’t. Sure the idea of paying off debt that may have interest rates as high as 30% sounds great in theory, but there are some pitfalls when adding that debt into your mortgage.…

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